Seaplane Ratings

Seaplane Ratings

Adventure Seaplanes offers private and commercial seaplane ratings, which takes approximately 6 -10 hours of flight training, and 2 -3 days to complete. We have many lakes and rivers for an excellent training experience. We have a J-3 Cub, 2- Cessna 182, 2-Cessna 185’s and a Dehavilland Beaver for training. Adventure Seaplanes is one of the few place in the country that offers seaplane rental and block time packages.

Anyone setting out to obtain a seaplane rating has only to look at a map of Canada and the US Midwest to see the world they are about to open up for themselves. It is a world of lakes, rivers, channels, inlets, bays, arms, and whatever else is used to name a body of water. Beyond the geography, there is the history. Much of the history of aviation in these countries, and the history of a lot of communities, was written with seaplanes. For potential floatplane pilots who take their training seriously and want the real deal when they decide to get their seaplane rating, Adventure Seaplanes can put a package together that is sure to meet your expectations.

Seaplane Training can be one of the most unique, relaxing, fun events in your flying activities. We try to offer the most comprehensive seaplane rating available.

We certainly offer the most diversified float training in the industry. Earning your seaplane rating with us is not only the most fun you can have in an airplane, but it will teach you other valuable skills to make you a better, safer, more knowledgeable pilot in anything else you might fly.

It can normally be completed in 6-10 hours of training. It will also comply with the requirements for the Flight Review. There is no minimum number of hours required, or a formal FAA written exam. There is an Oral/Practical Flight Exam with a Designated Pilot Examiner.

Training is available at our home base location at Tower Municipal Airport and Seaplane Base 12D on beautiful Lake Vermilion In Northeast Minnesota.

We also offer Private Pilot Training, Commercial, Single & Multi Engine, IFR training, Flight Reviews, Tailwheel & Skis. We also offer Advanced Training courses to give the you a more complete skill set for the varied conditions a floatplane pilot encounters. This training is often helpful for the requirements of insurance companies and bush flying job requirements. 25 & 50 hour time builder and solo rental programs or custom programs are available.

Our Seaplane Rating consists of these areas of study:

  • Seaplane preflight and fueling
  • Normal, short field, glassy water, rough water, crosswind, confined area take-off and landings
  • Emergency power off landings
  • Step taxi turns, plow turns, idle taxi, sailing, docking, mooring and beaching
  • Surveying landing sites
  • Securing the aircraft
  • Effects of wind on the plane
  • In the air - emphasis is put on slow flight, steep turns and stalls.

Check out this video of seaplane student getting check ride in the SuperCub:


Seaplane Rating Prices & Rates-Dual Instruction

Approximate prices based on 6 hours of instruction, flight exam extra.


Cessna 172

$275/Hr Dual - Credit
$265/Hr Dual - Cash
$265/Hr Solo

1971L - 160 HP

SES Rating
 6 hrs @ $1650.00
 MN – May to Oct
 FL – Nov to April

Download Syllabus

dehavilland dhc2 beaver seaplane ratings

Dehavilland: DHC-2 Beaver

$670/Hr Dual - Credit

$650/Hr Dual - Cash

MN -  May to Oct
Fl - Nov to April


Cessna 185

$450/Hr Dual - Credit

$440/Hr Dual - Cash

300 HP
EDO 3430 Floats
Wing Extensions
Vortex Generators

SES Rating
6 hrs @ $2700
MN Only

Download the Cessna 185 Training Syllabus


J-3 Cub

$210/Hr Dual - Credit

$200/Hr Dual - Cash

$160/Hr Solo

EDO 2000's & SES Rating 6 hrs @ $1500
MN -  May to Oct
Fl - Nov to April

Examiner Fee Extra