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Tail Wheel Training

Adventure Seaplanes offers tailwheel training and endorsements in a Supercub on 31" Tundra Tires and a Cessna 185. The Cessna 185 is used for high performance and advanced checkout. Rental of the Supercub is available for those with experience or with a 10 hour minimum instructor checkout.

Tailwheel training is started on grass runways and progresses to asphalt runways, it takes approximately 5 hours to receive the endorsement.

Backcountry and advanced short field training trips are available.

Available in Florida January through April

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Ski Plane Training

Ski Flying & Snowmobiling Packages

Imagine... a majestic white carpet unfolds before you across breathtaking landscape, the lakes, the fields are long and wide, pristine and untouched. The sun is glorious , the cold air fuels your passion.

It's more than just your average flying. Glide through a blanket of gleaming white powder. Don't settle for an average flying excursion There is nothing more exciting, everyone gets a window seat, it's flying you will never forget.

After you have touched down on the ground we will whisk you away on your snowmobile, you float atop fresh powder through endless groomed wilderness trails and fields of untracked fresh powder.

The scenery is outstanding with an abundance of wildlife and as the sun starts to set, the natural beauty of the area will leave you with an indelible memory of Minnesota.

First rate lodging is available to welcome you so you can spend a day or two ice fishing, snowmobiling , snowshoeing or simply relaxing with a spa /sauna and spending an evening with friends.


Other Training

  • Bush Pilot Training
  • Private Through Commercial Training
  • Single and Multi Engine Training